Sunday, September 12, 2010

Menu Plan 9/12-9/18

Sourdough tortillas

 We're in the midst of a gospel meeting, so Sunday's menu is a little different.  We have a fellowship meal after evening worship when we kick off a series of meetings, so I have a simple lunch on the menu plus dishes for the evening fellowship meal.  The meeting will last through Wednesday night, so I'm keeping it simple on those nights:)     

Sunday, 9/12
Soaked oatmeal
Sourdough english muffins, eggs, grits (lunch)
Chicken and dumplings, rolls (for fellowship meal) 

Monday, 9/13
Sourdough banana muffins
Beef stroganoff (homemade sourdough noodles), broccoli 

Tuesday, 9/14
Sourdough skillet pancakes
Chicken and smoked sausage jambalaya, baby limas 

Wednesday, 9/16
Cinnamon-apple baked oatmeal
Beef stew, homemade bread 

Thursday, 9/17
Toast, eggs
Beef burritos (sourdough tortillas), black beans, fixings

Friday, 9/18
Sourdough cinnamon rolls
Chicken fried rice

Sourdough skillet pancakes
leftover buffet

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