Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Post!

Sooo, this is my very first blog post...

I'm not sure what very first blog posts are usually like, but I'll start with a little explanation of what my blog will be all about.  First and foremost, we'll be talking about food, specifically real food.  I love food.  I love planning food and creating food and eating said created food.  I get really excited about food.  I also believe that one's health is determined largely by what kind of food he eats; I hope to share lots of really healthy, nourishing recipes and some resources and tips, too.

I'm a prolific cook, but I'm a novice gardener and seamstress, and a very novice beekeeper, so I'll be talking about those things every now and again, too...even if it's just begging tips from those more experienced than me in those areas.  If you stick around, you'll probably see a few posts on homeschooling, too, since that's a topic of interest to me.  Other than that, we'll discuss anything and everything relevant to natural homekeeping and parenting.

 Some plans for posts in the very near future:
  • Zucchini-Potato Moussaka 
  • A real food version of Amish Friendship starter/bread 
  • Sourdough Blueberry Cobbler
 Check back soon for those and also some camping related posts!

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