Saturday, July 3, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week

I don't list lunches for weekdays because we generally eat leftovers for lunch.  On the rare occasion that we don't have leftovers (say, if we ate out the night before), I usually heat up something from the freezer or do some quick sourdough crepes to fill with pb&j, eggs, or whatever.  Also, we tend to wing Saturdays.  Sometimes we do a leftover buffet; sometimes I cook up something that doesn't require any grain soaking or way-ahead-of-time prep.

soaked oatmeal, strawberries
Venison steaks, mushroom gravy, rice, skillet squash, fried okra
leftovers from lunch

Blackberry sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, smoothies
Crockpot creamy southwest chicken, sprouted corn tortillas

Soaked whole wheat buttermilk biscuits, homemade beef sausage
Sourdough pizza w/ beef & nitrate-free bacon, steamed broccoli w/ butter, banana pepper poppers

Soaked oatmeal, smoothies
Bar-b-que sloppy joes, whole wheat sourdough buns, sweet potato fries

Strawberry turnovers
Skillet chicken, cheesy squash casserole

Toast, eggs, smoothies
White cheese chicken lasagna, purple hull peas

Blueberry sourdough pancakes
Leftover buffet

Power balls (made from Katie's awesome Power Bar recipe)
Leftover-oatmeal cookies (will have to make more this week)
Amish friendship bread, real food version (from the freezer)

Cooking goals for this week
make cookies w/ leftover oatmeal
double (or triple) pizza dough recipe to make strawberry turnovers for the freezer
make soaked granola 
bake a couple of loaves of Amish bread for the freezer

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  1. i would LOVE for you to come stay at my house for the week and cook all of these meals for me...............that would be WONDERFUL! Hope you are having a GREAT week :-)