Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plans Change, Camping, and New (Menu) Plan

So, last week's menu plan was followed as written through Wednesday night, at which point plans changed.  We received a much awaited phone call Tuesday evening telling us that our new pop-up camper was ready to go!

We brought it home Wednesday, finished off all of our leftovers that evening after bible class, and headed out for an impromptu camping trip Thursday.  As you can see, we've had a great time!

The New Plan
We're only home for one night and then we're heading back to the campground tomorrow night after worship, so we'll be enjoying another few days of camp food!  I don't have a menu plan, per se, but once we come back home on Wednesday, we'll likely pick up where we left off and have the meals that we ended up not having from last week's plan.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy some nitrate-free franks, MSG-free smoked sausage, and s'mores while we're finishing up our camping trip.  That's the plan, Stan ; )  

Our first family camping trip has coincided with the release of a new eBook that I've been really excited about!  Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship has written an excellent Family Camping Handbook,  (which includes, but isn't limited to, tips and information about preparing healthy real foods for/while camping).  I was one of a handful of readers chosen by Katie to preview her book, and it was a great help for us while we were planning our last minute excursion!  She speaks specifically to tent camping, but I can vouch that it is a great resource for RV'ers, too, so check it out!

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